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What is a Tobacco Retail License (TRL)?

A tobacco retail license is a special license the government issues to businesses that sell tobacco products. It aims to reduce the illegal sale of tobacco products to minors.

How does a TRL work?

Stores that sell tobacco buy a local tobacco license each year. The fees from the program fund law enforcement to make sure tobacco retailers do not sell to people under the age of 21 . These programs have reduced illegal tobacco sales to youth throughout the state of California. There are over 120 communities in California that have a tobacco retail licensing program.

Why is a TRL needed?

While it is illegal to sell tobacco products to people under 21, these products still end up in the hands of young people. Fresno County youth can obtain these products online, from someone they know, or from local stores. A TRL can help protect local residents, especially youth, from the harms of tobacco.

Tobacco Retailers in Fresno

Over half of Fresno students live near a tobacco retailer.

The more tobacco retailers youth are exposed to, the more likely students will try vaping or smoking. Research shows that tobacco marketing and advertisements makes youth 60% more likely to try tobacco products.

More tobacco retailers are located in low-income neighborhoods.

Tobacco products tend to be more accessible in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. With more tobacco retailers in these neighborhoods, there is more tobacco advertising at stores and tobacco products are often sold at lower prices. This issue makes it harder for individuals to quit smoking due to constant exposure to tobacco products.

Is Your Neighborhood Affected By Tobacco Sales?

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A survey conducted with 10th and 12th graders in Fresno County found that of students who bought vapes, 1 in 5 purchased them from a local store.

There are ways to reduce tobacco promotion and access in our communities.

Changing the environment where we live and what we are exposed to will help reduce tobacco use.

The Fresno County Tobacco Free Coalition has found a possible solution through a comprehensive Tobacco Retail License

Limit Proximity/Density of Tobacco Retailers

The Problem

In the City of Fresno there are 436 tobacco retailers. 259 retailers are within 500 feet from another retailer.

How to Address This

Limiting how close a tobacco store is to another and the number of stores available in a community can reduce youth’s access to tobacco products.

Set Minimum Price for Tobacco Products

The Problem

The cheapest pack of cigarettes in East Fresno was $2.37 and in North Fresno the cheapest pack of cigarettes were $7.79.

How to Address This

Setting a minimum price for certain tobacco products can stop people from trying tobacco products, decrease use of tobacco products, and encourage people to quit tobacco use.

Restrict Sale of Flavored Tobacco

The Problem

Flavored products are more common in low income communities. The majority of stores in West and East Fresno offer a variety of flavored tobacco products, such a dulce de leche, horchata, and more.

How to Address This

Eliminating the sale of flavored tobacco at local stores will make the available tobacco products in the community less appealing for youth.

Click HERE to learn more about the CA flavors ban.

Restrict Price Promotion and Discounts

The Problem

The majority of tobacco retailers in low-income communities in Fresno offer a lot more promotions and discounts including mobile coupons for tobacco products. These tactics make tobacco products easier to access by price sensitive shoppers such as youth.

How to Address This

Removing promotions or discounts on tobacco products can help make them less affordable and therefore, less accessible.

How You Can Help

Check out our Resources to learn more about how to limit youth access to tobacco products. We’re happy to help you start this process.